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Merry Christmas everybody. 2006 is running out, and as I look back on an eventful year, I feel grateful for the races and opportunities I have had during the season. I feel pleased that a lot of people have had faith in me, and I am glad I got the chance to show that I am a competitive driver in various types of racecars and categories. During the year I have driven the Aston Martin DBR9, the Lister Storm Lmp1 and the very impressive DTM Futurecom TME Audi A4 race car.

My wish for Christmas is for 2007 to remain a member of the Audi DTM drivers, be able to start the season and having best possible chance to get to know everyone within the team in order to achieve good and consistent results during the 2007 season. I am as focused as ever, and in previous years I learned that commitment pays back - one way or another.

I wish to thank my partners during 2006, Grod Group in Switzerland for backing me up all the way, and believing in me. The Futurecom TME Audi A4 DTM team for letting me in on their team, and making me feel very welcome. My PR partners in Denmark, Gifted Media by Dennis Dithmar and by Stanley With, for press releases, and keeping the website up and running.

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