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WednesDAY 23. August 2006
Nicolas Kiesa are secured in DTM for the rest of the 2006 season. Kiesa will be driving for the Audi Futurecom TME and hopefully continue the good work of last week-end.

We can confirme that Kiesa are secured a seat with Audi Futurecom TME in the DTM series. Kiesa did a great job under difficult conditions last weekend, and is looking forward to the next races.

”My lap times was continuous better over the week end, and I was the fastest among the 2004 spec cars all week end up to the race. Sunday came, and so did the rain and since it’s my first time in a DTM race car I had no idea how to set up the car for the rain,” says Nicolas Kiesa.

The real estate and investment entrepreneur Peer Slipsager is the man behind Kiesa’s entry in DTM. Slipsager recently created Grod Racing AG in an attempt to take his involvement in motor racing to the next level.

“As a sponsor I helped Kiesa into the Jordan F1 team, and got to know a few people in the sport. Amongst them Dr. Colin Kolles who is the man behind Audi Futurecom TME. Three month ago Audi took an initiative, and now we can harvest the result of the last couple of months work,” says Peer Slipsager

Now Nicolas Kiesa can concentrate on what he does best – go flat out. The last four races are; The 3rd. of September at Circuit Park Zandvoort, The 24th of September at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, The 15th of October at Le Mans Bugatti Circuit and the 29th of October at Hockenheimring, Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

I really hope to continue the good work of last week end and do a good figure in the last four races. The primary target is to be the best of the 2004 spec cars in every race, and then who knows what 2007 will bring,” says Nicolas Kiesa.

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