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Thursday 16. March 2006

FLORIDA, USA, March 16, 2006 - Nicolas Kiesa prepares himself for immense heat in uknown territory, as racing at night is a complete new scenario for the Dane. It's hard but enjoyable work, and Kiesa feels motivated before the 12 hour race in the Aston Martin.

Nicolas comments: "It has been a tough week so far. We have tested every day, and it is long track with a time of two minutes a lap, that has been hard to learn. I have recieved hint and tips from the other drivers, that revealed that they have used several years getting familiarized with Sebring.

"The weather is hot with temperatures at around 35C degrees every day, and around 60C degrees inside the car. It's pretty hot in there and I'm calling the car a 12 cylindered oven. Thursday we will practice driving at night. That will be a thrill, as I've never driven in the dark at night before.

"We are close behind the Corvette of Jan Magnussen, which isn't a perfect scenario. But we have only just changed tyre supplier to Pirelli, and I think we are a good deal closer to them than expected - around half a second.

"Tomorrow we will try to fine tune the car's tyre performance, and I hope that the night driving at lower temperatures will suit them better, than the heat in the daytime, that is our main challenge at the moment," concludes the Danish driver from Sebring Raceway.

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