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Friday 14 October 2005

SHANGHAI, CHINA, October 14, 2005 - The last 2005 outing for Nicolas Kiesa turned out quite well, setting the fastest time in the Friday sessions, almost a second ahead of his two teammates.

Eventhough the Shanghai Circuit was a completely new experience for Nicolas, he succeeded in being the fastest Jordan driver when the timing watch stopped after the second Friday session. With a time of 1:36.644 he was 0.8 seconds ahead of both Monteiro and Karthikeyan.

But the good result, effectively also beating both the Minardis, was the result of hard work on a track, that didn't offer any solutions it self. The track proved to be dirty and gripless, which turned the tyre choice into a bit of a guessing game.

Nicolas Kiesa comments: “This morning the circuit was very green and dusty and we were lacking grip. It is quite hard to determine with which tyre to go for because no matter what we were doing, the car was not behaving as normal.

"But at the end of the first session, the circuit started to get grip back and we were able to do the last run and set better lap times. We went into the second session without being really sure how to start but we made some set-up changes for the first lap which turned out to be very good and we did not change the car for the rest of the session.”

Adrian Burgess, Jordan Sporting Director, comments: “The three drivers went through the standard Friday programme and learnt the circuit as well, as it was new to them all. It was not a bad day and we are happy with where we are with our strategy compared to Minardi.

"We will make our normal choices tonight such as tyre selection and this will be difficult here but I am confident we will make a good choice. We also have a couple of reliability issues we will have to look at tonight but we should be ok.”

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