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Wednesday 12 October 2005

SILVERSTONE, ENGLAND, October 12, 2005 – When the Jordan Formula One Team travels to the last race on the 2005 calendar, it will mark another first time experience for Nicolas Kiesa.

The Shanghai Circuit closes the 2005 season, and Nicolas Kiesa will take the wheel of the third driver Jordan-Toyota. As in Turkey, Kiesa have no hands on experience with the track, and he will prepare in more than one way for the season finale.

Nicolas Kiesa comments: "China is a circuit I have never been to so it will be quite difficult as I will have to learn yet another circuit. I have looked at a lot of data and it seems to be not too tricky to learn but the difficult bit is that the track is very varied.

"I will have to wait until I am there to see how it really is. My job will be mainly the tyre choice for the team for the weekend. I have tried to learn the track playing on a video game, however, I prefer to walk a few laps on a circuit than play for two hours.

"The video game just enables me to know when it turns right or left but walking on the circuit shows me what kind of asphalt, kerbs and alterations there are. I get much more information from walking than playing games and I feel much more prepared when I go out on my first lap."

Dominic Harlow, Jordan Chief Race & Test Engineer, comments: "Shanghai is one of the stand out new circuits on the F1 calendar with this being only our second visit here. Turn 1 is a very challenging corner getting ever tighter and tempting the drivers to turn in too early, and turn 13 is vital to a good laptime, with the drivers and engineers attempting to counter the understeer that this 180deg. corner creates to get a good exit onto the long back straight.

"The circuit offers the chance to vary wing level to optimise laptime and top speed, and the smooth surface allows a range of set-up options. This will be our last race with the Toyota V10 engine and we are already looking forward to our winter test program with their new V8. Whilst we will probably miss the sound and performance of the V10, for a while at least, it will be a great technical challenge for the team to get the most out of the new package in preparation for 2006."

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