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Wednesday 28 September 2005

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, September 28, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa supports an initiative honouring ex F1 doctor Professor Sid Watkins.

A group of fans has got together to campaign and lobby for a knighthood for Professor Sid Watkins the former FIA medical delegate in recognition of his services to motorsport.

The first stage is an online petition which has already been signed by many hundred fans and F1 employees including 1996 world champion Damon Hill, multiple race winner Johnny Herbert, Prodrive boss David Richards, world championship winning engineer Pat Symonds, ex F1 driver and Top Gear Stig Perry McCarthy and McLaren managing director Martin Whitmarsh. Stage 2 will involve political lobbying.

Nicolas Kiesa full heartily supports this initiative, and will use this opportunity to request all Formula One fans to sign the online petition to gather support for Sid Watkins.

"Risking your life in a Formula One car knowing what Professor Sid Watkins has done for driver safety over the years, makes it very clear to me, that everybody should support this petition. He is the last guy you wanted to need in F1, but the first guy you wanted to meet if you needed him.

"His work is elegantly described in his book Life At The Limit, and I recommend everyone to read this book, and to actively support his knighthood," Kiesa commented from Hungaroring.

The petition is available at

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