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Monday 19 September 2005

SILVERSTONE, ENGLAND, September 19, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa readies himself for the the anti clockwise Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paolo, Brazil, aswell as the season finale in Shanghai, China.

Jordan-Toyota and Nicolas Kiesa has agreed to extend the Friday Driver contract to include both Brazil and China. Nicolas looks forward to racing in Ayrton Sennas old playground, and to see the circuit again since his last visit three years ago. Besides that Nicolas looks forward to work in the new EJ15B, as it will be used by the Friday Test Driver aswell.

Nicolas Kiesa comments: "I am very happy that I have been able to extend my existing contract for the last four European races to include the Brazilian and Chinese Grands Prix. I have raced at Interlagos in Formula 3000 in 2002 and, therefore, know the circuit pretty well.

"It is a very tough circuit as the track surface is uneven and it turns anticlockwise as in Turkey and Imola. This circuit has also more high downforce and quick corners. This will be very tough, but I feel quite confident that I am in good physical condition and also that our new car will perform well there as the more downforce we have, the better the car goes."

Dominic Harlow - Jordan Chief Race & Test Engineer - comments: "Interlagos is something of a contrast to some of the circuits we visit, it is some 800m above sea level, quite narrow undulating and bumpy. The weather can be unpredictable as well and the last two races here, at opposite ends of the season have both been wet; there are always some surprises in Brazil, last year practice was delayed by a runaway dog.

"As well as the bumps the circuit offers the drivers some challenging corners, the Senna S that seems to have inspired the first two turns in Turkey, and the Ferrardura, it is also one of the three anti-clockwise circuits that we visit. At this circuit the cars tend to suffer from understeer and we try to improve this whilst maintaining good stability for braking and entry and strong traction all of course important for laptime. Under the current regulations Brazil is likely to be a two stop race. We have three EJ15B cars at this event for the first time."

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