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Friday 2 September 2005

MONZA, ITALY, September 2, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa only got to test at Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in the first of Friday's two sessions.

What should have been a full days work including two sessions, was unfortunately reduced to half a day for Nicolas Kiesa. The first Friday test session went without any problems, but the second session never really materialized, as the engine blew in Kiesa's car before completing his out lap.

After a good and intense schedule completed at the end of the first session, Nicolas was a mere two tenths of a second slower than Tiago Monteiro despite Kiesa running the old car loaded with fuel. Together with the team Nicolas was running heavy fuel loads to simulate tyre behaviour in a potential one-stop scenario.

Nicolas comments: "The first session this morning went very well. The car was getting better and better with all the different changes we made. Near the end, we wanted to confirm these changes and we could see from the times that they were working."

Unfortunately the second session was ended by the engine problem, which sidelined Nicolas for the rest of the day. "We wanted to make further progress for our race specification in the afternoon but unfortunately the car stopped on the first lap. I am a bit disappointed but it is nobody's fault."

Adrian Burgess, Jordan Sporting Director comments: "Today went as planned apart from the failure we had this afternoon with Nicolas. It is a shame for him and this did not help with our tyre information. However, with the test here last week, I think we know which tyre we are going to choose tonight.

"We are reasonably happy with the performance of the B-car. We have added more mileage to it and it has proven to be reliable. For sure, there is more to come with the development of the car. Considering where we are with our strategy for tomorrow and Sunday we are in good shape."

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