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Thursday 25 August 2005

MONZA, ITALY, August 25, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa got his hands on the EJ15B today.

Thursday was Nicolas' day in the EJ15B that the team will use in the upcoming Grand Prix in Italy. Together with regular driver, Tiago Monteiro, Nicolas did extensive running in the car.

Nicolas completed more than 35 timed laps and ended the day with a respectable time of 1:24.795. Today was not a day of fast laps, but more a question of development testing the new car in preparation for the Grand Prix.

Nicolas comments:
"My main focus was setup and configuration work on the car. We checked different variations with the aero parts on the car and different settings with the breaks.

"I was running with a heavy fuel load and used tyres, so there was no reason trying to set the fastest lap times. But the day was positive regardless of the laptimes.

"We did some exciting runs on the Bridgestones that is likely to be used on the track, and they just got faster and faster each lap. That is a positive note for the team going in to the Grand Prix weekend.

"Besides that, we got a good bit further in understanding the car and its behaviour. It is with a good gut feeling that I pass on the work to the others the rest of the Monza test days."

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