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Friday 19 August 2005

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, August 19, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa in his first taste of Turkey.

The first session ran trouble free for the Danish driver, and ended with a time of 1:32.501, four tenths behind Tiago Monteiro but another four tenths ahead of Narain Karthikeyan.

The second session wasn't as trouble free, as the session started with problems on Kiesa's car. It grounded him for a good twenty minutes, and the rest of the session was a pain in the neck for Nicolas - as it was for a good number of drivers on the new track. He was again faster than Karthikeyan and a bit slower than Montiero.

Kiesa commented: "I had a good day today. This morning was a bit challenging, as the circuit is quite difficult to learn and there are many blind corners, but I have learnt the layout faster than I expected. After five or six laps I could start to push.

"We have had two good practice sessions. I had a small problem in the afternoon so I lost some 20 minutes. However, to be honest, I could not have done much with the time as I was struggling again with my neck.

"This is an anti-clockwise circuit and even the race drivers, who have done more than 20 000km this year, were having a hard time too. Since I started with Jordan in Hockenheim, I have done only 350km so I expected it to be really tough."

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