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Thursday 21 July 2005

HOCKENHEIM, GERMANY, July 21, 2005 – Nicolas Kiesa is looking forward to the test in Germany, and looks to the future.

At Hockenheimring in Germany, Kiesa will take the wheel of the EJ15B, and continue the important evaluation work for Jordan Grand Prix. It's important for Nicolas to assist the team with professionalism and a cool head.

"The work on the car is very important, and I will do my outmost to ensure, that the team progress even further on their evaluation on their of the EJ15B," says Nicolas.

"A good and professional approach is the essential as I arrive to test in Germany. But there is also a time after Hockenheim, and we are working flatout to ensure, that I can continue working with Jordan testing the rest of the season.

"This means that I'm not only looking forward to the Hockenheim test, but looks ahead and hope that we can everything sorted out, in order for me to wear yellow for the remainder of the season."

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