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Monday 21 February 2005

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, February 21, 2005 – Looking ahead to the upcoming season Nicolas shares his views and hopes.

"I have been in very close negotiations with the Minardi Formula One team for a race driver position and also did a couple of tests at Misano in the pre season. But in the end I lost out at the very last minute to Patrick Friesacher. As of now I'm still negotiating several options for this year which are mainly Formula One roles, test roles.

"I'm also looking at some seats in sports cars this year, seats in Le Mans, and I have already been offered a race deal. But admitted - these options are second priority at the moment.

"This year will also feature a more personal approach to my website,, as I will personally add to the site what I am up to, my private hobbies, what I'm doing between races and tests, and of course my latest personal F1 news."

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