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Friday 10 December 2004

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, December 10, 2004 – Nicolas Kiesa sends his greetings to the fans and shares his views on the year of 2004.

"First of all I would like to thank my supporters for 2004. It' has been good and warming to recieve a lot of support from my fans especially from Denmark, who follow my career.

"2004 has been a very turbulent year for me. I was so close to entering Formula One, but never quite made it. I had to stay within Formula One, kept my relations close to Minardi, and opted for their two-seater programme which consisted of five demonstration rounds at Fiorano. I was driving costumers and guests from Marlboro 3 laps a person. This was a very good thing for me as I kept my fitness in check and my mind in Formula One as I did more than 1000 kilometers running there. I participated in the South African "Race Agains Hunger" at Kyalami in the two-seaters as well.

"Besides that I participated in the last round of the Scandinavian Porsche cup at Jyllandsringen which I won. It was ever so nice to do well after half a season without proper racing."

Nicolas Kiesa

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